What we do


Migrants’ Rights Scotland aims to strengthen the voice of migrants in discussion and debates, both within civil society and with regional and national authorities. We seek to do so through:

1. Consolidating and strengthening a network in Scotland, in  which migrants, their communities and supporting organisations  jointly establish priorities, co-ordinate action and support each other to influence local and national policy.

2. Providing a platform for sharing accessible and responsive information that includes policy briefings, reports on activities, notification of events and the co-ordination of responses to relevant consultations.

3. Coordinating and participating in campaigns that support a just and rights-based immigration and asylum system, ensuring that such campaigns are defined and led by migrants themselves.

4. Building capacity within migrant communities and awareness in other sectors through working in partnerships that seek to develop skills and knowledge.


Communication Strategies Project (CSP) – ongoing

The CSP aims to strengthen the voices of migrants where it matters – in discussions and debates, both with civil society, regional and national authorities – to collectively engage in and impact on discourses, policies and procedures that affect migrants in their lives in Scotland.

The project seeks to promote the rights of all migrants by building the capacity of individuals and groups in Scotland to jointly develop effective ways of sharing experiences, supporting one another’s work and communicating key messages about migrants’ rights to one another, to policy makers and to the wider public.

The CSP is part of a UK-wide project, funded by Sigrid Rausing Trust and Unbound Philanthropy, and led by MRN. Through this partnership, Migrants’ Rights Scotland aims to feed perspectives, experiences and issues arising in the specific context of Scotland into UK-wide efforts to uphold the dignity of migrants and advocate for social justice.