MRN to Migrants’ Rights Scotland

Scotland has been involved in a migrants-led development for a rights-based approach to migration since 2006, through two Scotland-based Directors of the Migrants’ Rights Network (MRN). Immigration being a reserved matter, the London base of the Network was crucial to maintain proximity to the Westminster government but also to establish working relationships with migrant community organizations (MCOs) across England and Wales. Limited funding meant the organization had only short-term support staff in Scotland, relying largely on voluntary efforts to raise the profile of and debate on migrant issues, immigration policy changes and directions, and to establish a connection base with individual migrants and MCOs across the nation.

In early 2010, the Scottish Directors of MRN decided the time was right to set up a separate organization to work more closely with the growing number of migrants and MCOs affected by the evolving climate of immigration and demographics here.

Migrants’ Rights Scotland will be consolidating earlier work and strengthening our network of migrants across the country. We will continue to have a close relationship with MRN and will support them in their strategic programmes, bringing the unique perspective of Scotland.