We work alongside migrants and their community organisations (MCOs) for a rights-based approach to migration, supporting their engagement in developing the policies and procedures which affect their lives in Scotland and in the UK.


Our Aims


1. To promote the rights of all migrants, regardless of where they are from, where they live and why they are here by

  • developing a dynamic and diverse network of migrants and migrant community organisations (MCOs),
  • building bridges across sectors and interests,
  • helping to get migrants’ voices heard where it matters.


2. To support MCOs by helping them to represent themselves more effectively at all levels by

  • promoting dialogue,
  • sharing information and expertise,
  • building knowledge and skills.


3. To campaign for justice within immigration and across all social policy areas by

  • using up-to-date policy analysis,
  • informing campaign priorities and coordinating action,
  • working closely with appropriate organisations and civil society groups.