The current UK government has set its mind on further squeezing the rights of migrants, particularly those coming from non-EU countries, by introducing a whole range of controversial changes to the immigration system and rules in the past months.*

The coalition government now wants to introduce even further changes:

On 9 June, the UKBA launched the SETTLEMENT CONSULTATION. In particular, the government is planning to

  • deny the vast majority of non-EU migrant workers the option to settle in the UK after an initial period of max. 5 years here,
  • remove vital protections for overseas domestic worker by abolishing the ODW visa and their right to change employers,
  • restrict the rights of people coming here under Tier 5 of the Points Based System.

This was followed by the launch of the FAMILY MIGRATION CONSULTATION on 13 July. In particular, the government wants to

  • make it more difficult for migrants to bring their children, partners, elderly dependent relatives here,
  • restrict options for spouses, partners and Points Based System dependents to apply for settlement,
  • introduce a tougher test for couples when a ‘foreign’ partner wants to join and live with their UK resident partner here,
  • review how individuals’ right to private and family life (Art. 8 European Convention on Human Rights) can be restricted.

Migrants’ Rights Scotland has serious concerns about these proposals, concerns that are shared by many others: migrants, migrant community organisations, trade unions, academics, etc.

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*Recent changes include: the ‘immigration cap’ on ‘skilled’ non-EU migrants, tougher requirements for Tier 1 and Tier 2 migrants, tougher English language tests for foreign spouse of UK residents, restrictions affecting international students, sharp rise in visa fees, scrapping immigration appeal rights, making most immigration cases uneligible for legal aid.