Migrants for London

MRN short film: “Migrants for London, London for Migrants”

“Migrants for London is a dynamic look at migrants’ impact on our society, giving voice to different experiences of migration in the capital and suggesting Londoners, together, could lead a new movement for a more progressive migration policy. Migrants for London explores the ideas that could make London a better place for everyone – and invites you to join the debate at  http://www.migrantsrights.org.uk.

This video was made with financial support from Trust for London and the Migrant & Refugee Communities Forum (MRCF).

For more information on the film and if you would like a DVD copy of ‘Migrants for London’ and/or a hardcopy of ‘Migrant Capital’ please contact Juan Camilo at j.camilo[at]migrantsrights.org.uk.