Cap on Economic Migrants

1) We do not agree with the key aim of the Government’s proposals to reduce net migrationto the UK. Migrants make a critical contributionto the British economy – the UK will continue to need significant numbers of migrants in the short, medium and long term in order to grow our economy and balance out our ageing population in terms of providing goods and services.

2) The cap would have significant impacts on the rights and interests of migrants. In the short term, many migrants are likely to find them-selves made more vulnerable by the additional insecurity the UKBA proposals create. The longterm result would likely be the reduced attractiveness of the UK as a destination for what the government itself terms ‘the brightest and the best’ migrants from across the world.

3) The cap would not take into account regional differences and experiences associated with migration. There is a need for policies to focus more on migration in the regions, rather than the current all-UK context.

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