Meetup in Glasgow, 7 Aug, for Scots affected by UK family immigration rules

BritcitsThere has been great support for couples affected by the family immigration rules introduced by the UK Home Office on 9 July 2012. Britcits, a peer advocacy group set up in response to the harsh and inhumane rules, have organised meet ups throughout the UK for those affected to get support and to talk about how they can make a difference in the campaign to have the rules overturned.

However there hasn’t been a meet up in Scotland; many families affected up north who haven’t been able to make it to London, Manchester etc have been missing out. Not any longer!


On 7 August, Alexis has arranged a meet up in St Enoch Centre in Glasgow. Couples, families and friends affected by the family rules can register to attend at More details are onsite along with details of other events down south.


Find out more about BritCits here where they have documented the case stories of individuals and couples of all ages. Scroll down the right column for these and find other interested references throughout the home page.

The Family Immigration Alliance website has other details about the Divided Families Campaign.