MPs call for an urgent review of the migration rules that are tearing British families apart



The All-Party Parliamentary Group on Migration today launched the findings of a cross-party inquiry into the impact of new family migration rules introduced last year.

The report revealed that thousands of British citizens, including people in full-time employment, have been unable to bring a non-EU spouse to live with them in the UK since July 2012.

This is because the rules now require British citizens wishing to sponsor a non-EU spouse to show minimum earnings of £18,600 per year – almost half of the UK working population earns less than that.

The Committee heard that, because only the earnings of the UK sponsor can usually be counted, high net worth individuals and families with significant resources have been prevented from living in the UK.

The Committee was also concerned to hear that the rules have separated many young children from a parent, including a case in which a breastfeeding mother was separated from her British baby.

The government estimates that up to 17,800 British people will be prevented from being reunited with their spouse or partner in the UK every year as a result.

The Committee urged the Government to review the family migration rules in light of the emerging evidence.


The full report can be found here.

Our blog with further comments from the APPG Committee members as well as a selection of the evidence collected during the Inquiry will be posted shortly.

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