Colour me into your Landscape. A thoughtful exhibition on ‘difference’ at Newington Library, Edinburgh until October 29

Heshani Sothiraj Eddleston has been interested in photography for over 10 years. Throughout this time, she has not felt comfortable about calling herself a ‘photographer’ even though her work has been bought and published by magazines and newspapers. As a full-time mother, Heshani’s only form of expression since the birth of her two children has been through still photography.  Colour me into your landscape is her first exhibition.

“My children are mixed race; often they to do not see colour or differences in people. They have grandparents, cousins, family and friends whose skin tone is different to their own and to the majority of people they encounter daily. When my son was 4 years old, he came home from preschool and told me that ‘brown was stinky’. He said that a child had referred to another in this way.”

“The issue of skin colour is still with us, in today’s ‘progressive and informed world’ – present with subtle and not so subtle effects.”

“Hopefully these images will foster discussions at home or elsewhere; on why people look, dress and eat differently, and yet are so very similar to each other. And that being different does not necessarily need to come with a value judgement.”

Heshani’s photo exhibition is at Newington Library, Fountainhall Road, Edinburgh until Monday 29 October.