“This country needs to grow up and realize how much we depend on migration here to create the standard of living we rely on.” Jeremy Corbyn MP.

This was just one of the key statements made in the Grand Committee Room at Westminster on Monday 9 July when civil society groups and individuals from all backgrounds and ethnicities, of British and other nationalities, met with Lords and MPs, united against the unfair and discriminatory new family immigration rules which were largely enforced that day.

To hundreds of concerned citizens, the MP for Islington North added that prejudice makes these rules, which disregard the law of Article 8 and are “unbelievably nasty” in every way. He said, “The rules are based on prejudice, inoperable in many ways and will probably be legally challenged at various stages.” He further questioned why the official Labour position has not taken this up in its totality.

Kate Green MP was unconvinced as to “why we would want to cut off the imagination, innovation, the new ideas and the access to international markets that a flow of new migrants brings,” describing the new immigration rules as “mean spirited”. She concluded her passionate comments saying “They will do us no economic or political good at all.”

The Prime Minister was roundly criticized by Fiona McTaggart MP for not holding to his pledge of a family friendly government by creating one that is unfriendly to migrant families.

The immigration changes introduced by the Home Office will have broad-reaching negative implications. But it is felt the deepest impacts will be on young people, women and the elderly, mostly those on lower incomes although one attendee reminded that even high earners will find it impossible to overcome the hurdles put in place to deter the entry of elderly parents. (Her story will be posted on our blog page shortly; watch for updates.)

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