MRN briefing paper on key family migration rule changes and letter template

In a recent blog article, Ruth Grove-White, Migrants’ Rights Network’s Policy Director, urged people concerned with the recent changes to family migration rules to join the Network in opposing them.

Since the government’s announcement about major reforms to the family migration rules last week, there has been plenty of public debate about family life and immigration in the UK.

Ruth’s blog stated that from the public responses to the family migration consultation – all 5000 of them – that many people opposed these rule changes. And since the announcement,  she says MRN have had many emails and phone calls from people who are worried or just angry about these rule changes. Because the changes are coming into force so soon means that many people are concerned about how this will affect family members in the future. MRN has put together a new briefing paper which summarises the key rule changes and why they think many of them are particularly problematic.

The briefing paper can be accessed here.

Concerned migrants are encouraged to make their concerns known and take action in a number of ways.

MRN, together with JCWI, have announced a meeting in Parliament on the rule changes on July 9. They hope individual migrants will attend as well as write their MPs and suggest a face-to-face meeting at Parliament on that day. A helpful letter template has been drawn up for this purpose and it can be accessed here.