Royal Geographical Society publishes report ‘UK migration controversies: a simple guide’

The Royal Geographical Society, together with IBG, has recently produced a report titled ‘UK migration controversies: a simple guide’ which provides an overview of the current state of research evidence on migration and its impacts on UK economy and society. It is to help non-experts better understand some of the debates in this complex and politically sensitive area. 

The report does not provide exhaustive answers to every contentious argument in relation to migration. The implications of migration are less well understood in some areas than others. The complex relationships between economic, social and political dimensions can make it difficult to draw clear conclusions: there may be a mixture of positive and negative consequences for different groups in society. Instead, the Society responds here to ten key arguments that are currently in circulation in the UK by setting out, in simple terms, where the weight of research evidence lies.

The report can be found here.