New social media project with undocumented Migrant Children and Youth

‘Digital Undoc’ is a project commissioned by the Paul Hamlyn Foundation and Unbound Philanthropy, delivered by On Road Media.The project aims to increase understanding of the potential to use social media and digital technology to help meet the advice and support needs of children and young people with irregular immigration status. 

This work is part of the Supported Options Initiative, a two year initiative that aims to improve the lives of young people with irregular immigration status. Many of these young people often feel that they are unable, or for various reasons are unwilling, to approach organisations for help. There may be only very limited options available through which they can try to address their situation.

The fund was established in 2011 by the PHF Social Justice programme with support fromUnbound Philanthropy, with the hope that, through innovative approaches, it will help bring about the creation of trusted means through which these young people can seek help.

In July ‘Digital Undoc’ will be holding “Undoc Camp”, which will be looking at innovative ways to use social media and digital technology to get support and information to young people and children with irregular immigration status. Developers, web designers, innovators, experts in this field and people who have first-hand experience of the issue at hand will form teams and come up with ideas to tackle the problem. The best ones may receive funding from the Paul Hamlyn Foundation and/or other funders who will be there to hear the final pitches.

To find out more about ‘Digital Undoc’ or it’s upcoming ‘Undoc Camp’, please visit their website here.