GRAMNet Postgraduate Colloquium: “Migration in times of economic crises”, 11 June 2012, Glasgow

‘Migration in times of economic crises’ is a one-day interdisciplinary postgraduate colloquium, organised by GRAMNet’s Postgraduate cluster, which aims to reflect on the challenges facing those who take part in any form of transnational migration, during times of economic crisis. Bringing together research students from across the UK and Europe, the colloquium will present multi-disciplinary perspectives on key areas of migration affected by economic crises. 

Date: 11 June 2012

Times: tbc

Venue: University of Glasgow

Keynote address: Dr Liza Schuster, Senior Lecturer in the Department of Sociology at City University, London

Session 1: Labour & Migration

  • Reconfiguring migrant economies: moving beyond the market economy (Rebecca Folly, University of St. Andrews)
  • Chinese temporary migrant workers in Japan in times of economic crisis (Ci Chen, University of Bristol)
  • Integration into profession: Refugee doctors and teachers in the UK (Emilia Pietka, University of Strathclyde)

Session 2: EU Policy

  • Managing labour immigration at the EU level (Sonia Gsir, Université de Liège)
  • Internal European Migration: Welfare and economization (Kamila Feddek, University of Glasgow)
  • The new ‘Frontex’ regulation: Potential and weaknesses of its impact on human rights protection in EU external border management (Melanie Fink, Universität Wien)

Session 3: Experiences and perceptions of migration

  • The lack of materiality in the homes of asylum-seekers and refugees in Belfast and the struggle for employment (Malcolm Franklin, University of Belfast)
  • Public attitudes to migration and the media in Scotland (Jason Bergen, University of Stirling)

The colloquium is free but registration is required. For more information and to register, please email[at]

You can view/download the event poster here .