Support the petition for providing routine asylum screening around the UK

The Refugee Women’s Strategy Group, an umbrella group of representatives from refugee women’s community groups in Scotland, supported by the Scottish Refugee Council, has started a campaign for asylum screening to be routinely available across the UK.

Asylum screening, the process to register an application for international protection, is not routinely available locally. People arriving in Scotland seeking safety and help are forced, by Home Office policy, to endure the long and often arduous journey all the way to Croydon in order to register their asylum application.

Most asylum seekers have no money, and often need to rely on friends or charities to fund their bus fare across the country. Once they arrive in Croydon, Gary Christie, a representative from the Scottish Refugee Council, says that ‘a number of our clients are forced to sleep on the streets if there is a delay with their appointment as they have nowhere else to go. The situation is unsustainable’.

Once their application is assessed in Croydon, asylum seekers are dispersed across the country and may very well be sent back to Scotland.

This inhumane and difficult policy seems unnecessary, heartless and even pointless considering there are local UK Border Agency offices nearby with the facilities to screen new applicants.

Please visit the website below and sign their petition.