Family migration policy: MRN publishes new briefing paper “Keeping families apart”

‘Keeping families apart’ – New briefing paper by the Migrants Rights Network (MRN) on the UK government’s family migration policy

The MRN campaign on family migration releases a new briefing paper showing that a higher income threshold for family migration could shut out 50% of the UK working population from bringing a spouse or partner here – with ethnic minorities, women and children particularly hit.

From MRN:

Since last summer’s public consultation we have been waiting for the government to announce its final decision on changes to toughen up family migration policy.

But a waiting game provides opportunities – until the announcement is made there is still time to have an impact on the final policy announcement. It is likely that, in the coming weeks, the home secretary will make an announcement about her decision on the reforms to family migration. Over the coming weeks, in the run-up to her announcement, MRN will be stepping up our campaigning through a series of meetings and campaign work on the issue of family migration.

We are taking this work forward by releasing today’s briefing paper on the proposed income threshold. This change would prevent up to 50% of the UK working population from bringing foreign family members here as a result of a new, higher income threshold requirement.  If you are interested in organising a public meeting on this issue in your local area, taking part in joint advocacy work or would like to speak out about how you might be affected by this change in policy to the UK, please get in touch.

There are plenty of other issues raised by the family migration proposals, which will also be the focus of MRN activity in coming weeks. Key measures proposed by the government last year includedincreasing family insecurity by preventing foreign spouses and partners who are in the UK from applying for settlement for an additional 3 years, increasing the bar for language testing at the point of applying for settlement, and introducing tough enforcement measures aimed at tackling ‘sham’ and forced marriages, including a new pre-entry ‘attachment requirement’ and wider in-country enforcement activity.

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