Law firm challanges legality of new legislation which refuses migrants who have not paid their UK medical bills

Pierce Glynn Solicitors, a UK law firm, has issued proceedings to challenge the legality of the Department of Health guidance to hospitals on when debts should be reported to the UK Border Agency.

The current guidance may be discriminatory and may violate the Data Protection Act. 13 April 2012 is the deadline by which the Department of Health must release its formal response to the challenge and a reply may be required. The reply would need to include up to date evidence showing that people are being deterred from accessing treatment as a result of this policy and the law firm is looking for patients who have had such experiences.

A good candidate would be someone that has a longstanding health issue, received a bill and would have a good reason for not leaving the UK. Please contact Adam Hundt (ahundt[at] at Pierce Glynn Solicitors for further information.

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