Summary of 1st Cross-sector Roundtable on Impacts of Immigration Policies on Scotland now online

You can now find a summary of the roundtable discussions, including participants’ suggestions of ways forward, online at our Resources page.

Background info:
Migrants’ Rights Scotland held a Cross-sector Roundtable on 5 March to consider and discuss how current UK immigration policies affect Scotland and how all our interests and concerns can make a difference in Scotland.
The roundtable brought together 40 representatives from business, education, private, public and civil society organisations, as well as migrants and members of the Scottish Parliament.

In discussion participants agreed that

  • much is still needed to be done to build and support a Scottishc ase for improved immigration policies to the UK
  • the structure or space to systematically develop and address a Scotland-specific angle in immigration policies was missing.
  • pooling Scottish voices and forces together (e.g. businesses, civil society, Scottish Government, MSPs, COSLA, etc.) could effectively derail the UK government’s narrative and negative discourse around immigration,
  • developing a positive model as a template for the rest of the UK by putting forward-looking, progressive policies in place, irrespective of indepence or the scope of devolution, would be a way forward.

The strong interest and enthusiasm around the table for developing collective action towards promoting a more progressive approach to immigration and migration in Scotland brought forward the suggestions to work together in

  • building a stronger case for regional variations
  • promoting a decentralisation/regionalisation of immigratino policies
  • building stronger cross-sector participation
  • taking the lead in a positive debate on immigration and advocating for more fairness in the immigration system and related policy areas

Further points were raised for discussion towards a specific action plan. More details can be found in the summary under the above webaddress.

There was agreement that a next roundtable meeting could take place in April. As suggested at the meeting, we have set up an internet platform to continue this conversation in the meantime, in order to agree next steps and follow up actions.


An initial blog about the roundtable can be found here

To see photos from the event, check our Photostream on Flickr