Cross-sector Roundtable supports collective action to progress debate on Scotland’s migration needs

Strong voices about immigration issues affecting a cross-sector of interests in Scotland were raised on Monday 5 March at Migrants’ Rights Scotland Roundtable discussion in Glasgow.

Under Chatham House rules, concerns around recent UK Government
consultations and changes to immigration policy were revealed on economic, demographic, social and regional implications.

An aspect which the 40 representatives from business, education, private, public and civil society organizations, as well as migrants and members of the Scottish Parliament found common ground was in their experiences of engaging with UK policymakers. Although it was acknowledged that UK-level lobbying had achieved a small number of concessions from the Home Office’s Borders Agency, there was agreement around the table that much still needed to be done to support a Scottish case for improved migration policy to the UK.

In taking the afternoon’s Roundtable discussion further, it was felt important to develop collective action towards promoting increased national understanding of immigration, migration and related needs/issues in Scotland, and to build stronger cross-sector participation in that process.

Migrants’ Rights Scotland thanks all Roundtable participants, including those who declared their interest but were unable to attend! A more detailed summary of the discussion as well as proposed outcomes will be available shortly.


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