Immigration Minister sets out proposals for new visa and nationality fees

Today, Immigration Minister Damian Green laid before Parliament proposals for an increase in the fees for obtaining visas to enter the UK and for naturalising as a British citizen. If agreed these changes will come into effect in April 2012.

(CC)Image: dump9x/Flickr

Most increases are in the region of 2% above the level currently charged. The fee for a single visit visa, for example will rise by £2 to £78 in April. A settlement visa rises by £16 to £826 on the same date.

The government plans to introduce two new categories of charges by April:

  • For the first time, a fee for the settlement of dependents of a person granted refugee status will be introduced (£458 per dependent). Until now visas have been issued free of charge to eligible family members.
  • The other new category is media representatives: people working for overseas newspapers, broadcasters and news agencies will be charged at the rate of £480.

The notice of increase also sets out the actual cost per unit which falls to the UKBA for processing applications. In a number of categories the costs to the applicant is well over the per unit cost of this process. For example, the cost of processing a settlement visa is considered to be £391, as compared to the £826 which will be charged from April. The difference for family dependent visas is even bigger, with a unit cost of £458 as compared to a charge to the applicant from April of £1850.

Full details of the new charges can be found here (UKBA website)