Short video: Migrant women and family reunification in the EU

The European’s Women Lobby (EWL) has produced 3 short videos as part of a campaign for migrants’ rights to family reunification in the EU.

The EWL is the largest umbrella organisation of women’s associations in the EU, working to promote women’s rights and equality between women and men. EWL membership extends to organisations in all 27 EU member states and the three candidate countries, as well as to 20 European-wide bodies, representing a total of more than 2500 organisations.

Below are two of their three campaign videos which can also be found on the EWL youtube channel. Even though these videos do not play in the UK, they resemble the situation of migrant women living in the UK as well.


Liz cannot reach the salary level needed to qualify for family reunification. She misses her children terrible but can’t afford to stop sending home the remittances. Children don’t understand the waiting period and feel rejected by their parents. It is mostly children who are joining under Family Reunification policies and not spouses.

Claudia cannot join her Danish partner in Denmark, even though they love each other. The family reunification rights of EU citizens are some times better protected outside of their country of origin. Many EU citizens are forced to undergo temporary relocations to fellow Member States in order to be allowed to live with their non-EU family members in Europe.

For more information:
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