Short video: International Migrants’ Day 2011 in Scotland

Yesterday, on Dec 18, people all around the world celebrated International Migrants’ Day and/or participated in the Day of Global Action against Racism and for the Rights of Migrants, Refugees and Displaced People.

by Hyo Eun Shin, Regional Co-ordinator

A little ahead of the day we up in Scotland took our chance to celebrate the lives, achievements, rights and fundamental freedoms of people all over the world who are living their lives across and beyond borders with an evening of films, talks, info, videos and space to socialise. Organised together withGRAMNet and in partnership with BEMISMigrant Voice and the Glasgow Human Rights Network, we shared an evening that marked both International Migrants’ Day and Human Rights Day and allowed us all to explore the meaning of fundamental rights and dignity for everyone, irrespective of legal status or nationality.

Some members of the audience shared their visions and hopes for International Migrants’ Day 2011 with us. Here is what they had to say:

And as we all enjoy spreading positive messages, we hope that our wee joint event will start off a ‘new tradition’ of International Migrants’ Day celebrations across Scotland in the years to come!