PICUM launches “Undocumentary” web resource on daily experiences of undocumented migrants in Europe

The Platform for International Cooperation on Undocumented Migrants (PICUM) launched a new web documentary on life experiences of undocumented migrants living in Europe.
PICUM is an international NGO that promotes respect for the rights of undocumented migrants within Europe and seeks dialogue with other organisations with similar concerns and goals.

PICUM travelled to Almeria (Spain), Nicosia (Cyprus), Milan (Italy), Paris (France), Amsterdam (The Netherlands), Brussels (Belgium) and Gothenburg (Sweden) to gather the stories of those on the frontline, including irregular migrants, migrants’ rights defenders, professionals and public authorities.

The documentary is divided into four chapters to mirror PICUM’s main areas of work/expertise: Access to Health Care, Fair Working Conditions, Access to Justice for Undocumented Women and Access to Education and Housing for Undocumented Children and Their Families. The introductory clip will highlight the crosscutting issue of the criminalisation of undocumented migrants and their advocates, as well as providing basic information on who undocumented migrants are and why it is important to use the terms ‘undocumented’ or ‘irregular’ instead of ‘illegal’ .

UNDOCUMENTARY offers a wide range of multimedia tools –video, audio, photographic, info graphic– to give the viewer the possibility to interact with the story, for example by choosing to watch a part of the video instead of another or by accessing different extra resources integrated to them.

You can find the web resource here.