Manifesto Club’s new report: “Students under watch – Visa checks and the rise of surveillance in UK universities”, Sept 2011

A new report has been published by the Manifesto Club looking at the impacts of the visa system on the students and staff working in Higher Education.

The report documents how visa controls have damaged UK academic life. It shows how visa rules have led to a massive extension of surveillance on campus, and a humiliating and hostile experience for international academics and students.

Visa rules force academics to spy on their students and report them to the UKBA for any missed classes or ‘suspicious behaviour’. International visiting lecturers have been deported because they do not have the correct paperwork, even though they were not being paid for their lecture.

The Manifesto Club reiterates its demand to scrap the points-based system and the new immigration cap.
We stand for a society more at ease with relationships of genuine international exchange, and believe there is no
role for suspicious monitoring and checks within academic life. We call on scholars and students to join our
growing supporters in rejecting such political interference in their institutions.

View/download the report here.

Further reading:

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