Call for Support: Unite Against Fascism Edinburgh – Stop the Scottish Defence League Marching in Edinburgh

Unite Against Fascism (UAF) Edinburgh calls for support to stop the Scottish Defence League marching in Edinburgh on 10th September 2011.
Scottish Defence League want to march in Edinburgh on the 10th September
Below is a Unity statement UAF asks you to sign personally or if possible on behalf of your organisation, also please circulate for support. 

By uniting against the SDL we prevented them marching or congregating in Edinburgh before, we must do the same again.

Edinburgh Unity Statement: We the undersigned strongly oppose plans by the Scottish Defence League (SDL) the Scottish arm of the racist English Defence League (EDL) to march in Edinburgh on 10 September 2011. The EDL was a group admired by the Norwegian far right terrorist Anders Breivik.As well as attending a number of EDL events, meeting EDL leaders etc. Breivik openly expressed his wish to start a racial war and praised the EDL’s strategy and tactics. The latest rally by the SDL in Irvine on 30 July 2011 saw members hold placards aimed at stirring up hatred against Islam and sporting Blood and Honour (Nazi) tattoos. Islamophobia – bigotry against Muslims – is as unacceptable as any other form of racism. It divides and weakens our society by making scapegoats of one community, just as Hitler’s Nazis did by targeting Jews in the 1930s. Today the SDL threatens Muslims; tomorrow it could be Jews, Hindus, Sikhs, black people, lesbians & gay men, travellers or Eastern Europeans. There is no place for racists or fascists in Edinburgh’s multi-racial, multi-cultural and multi-religious community. That is why we stand in solidarity with Edinburgh’s Muslim community and against the poisonous bigotry of the SDL.

Email: if you would like to add your name to this Unity Statement!

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