UNISON’s ‘hidden workforce’ project invites your views on governments’ settlement consultation

Have you come to the UK on a work-related visa?

And are you working in the public sector?

Then participate in UNISON’s short survey which will feed into their response to the current UKBA consultation on migrants’ right to settlement in the UK!  

New governments’ proposals – if implemented- will mean that most non-EU migrant workers will no longer have the option of settling down in the UK after a maximum period of 5 years of working and living here. The proposals also include plans to remove important protections for the small number of overseas domestic workers coming to this country working in private households.

In the latest edition of UNISON’s “Hidden workforce newsletter(No.9, Aug 2011), UNISON calls for public sector workers to participate in a short survey to get their views on what the governments’ new proposals will mean.

In the newsletter, UNISON states that “these proposals are grossly unfair and totally unnecessary.”

“They will have serious consequences for UNISON members, the services they work in and the people who rely on them. The proposals will also disproportionately affect women – no proper Equality Impact Assessment has been conducted. We believe that if people have no prospect of settling in the UK or bringing their families to settle, workers will stop coming to work in the UK’s public services, where they are desperately needed.”

Your responses to the confidential survey will help UNISON to respond to the government consultation and to urge them to rethink their plans.

You can access the survey here: UNISON’s UK settlement survey

Even if you’re not a public sector worker, you can respond individually to the government consultation. Government counts the number of replies it receives to consultations so we would encourage everyone to respond to the consultation process and encourage others to do the same.

If you would like to respond to the consultation, have a look at MRN’s guide, which provides help and a useful template.

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