Briefings on UKBA consultations on settlement and family migration

Background information & briefings on UKBA consultations on family migration and settlement:

  • The Migration Observatory at Oxford University has put together a package of relevant material to assist organisations planning to make submissions to the Government consultations on Family Migration and Settlement.


Read/download Family migration Briefing

Read/download Settlement Briefing


  • Migrants’ Rights Network (MRN) offers an analysis and summary of the UK governments’ proposals regarding non-EU migrants’ settlement and family migration, as well as useful arguments, tips and tricks for individuals and organisations wanting to respond to the consultations. The package of information can be found here.

Read/download MRN’s Settlement Briefing


  • Kalayaan (Justice for migrant domestic workers) provides background info on the potential impact of the UK government’s proposals on migrant domestic workers, as well as updates on their campaign against the proposals as set out in the settlement consultation.

Read/download Kalayaan’s Settlement Briefing


(CC) Image: GuillaumePaumier/Flickr